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Welcome to


We are happy to introduce our new look to our page.


We tried to make this page easier to navigate for our members and users alike.


UPDATE : March 11, 2011


Thank you for visiting us at WizardPygal. Our site is being updated by Mary Tylor and soon there will be new links available and dead links gone. Have fun everyone and Happy tubbing.


I just wanted to thank all of you for your support... And I want to thank all the tube makers out there if it wasn't for you all this site would not be here...





There will be more to come as we search for more resources to add or when they become available by members.




Membership to join our User Group is free to everyone since this site is here to help Paint Shop Pro® users to search various links for Tubes, Fonts, Tutorials and more.


All tubes are in the Tube Source Section on the horizontal bar and you have the option to view the links by Category or by Websites.


We also had to take drastic measure to help protect our tube source codes since previously people has been taking our codes and placing it on their web sites as their own. Our sources came from various members and intensive search thought the World Wide Web using®


Thank you for all your support,



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I am Honored that this site was passed down to me many years ago...

Please help me keep the torch burning by making a donation to keep this this site alive. Thank you.



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